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Help Your Clients Achieve Their Goals with Motivational Interviewing

You are invested in your client's success and well-being. You know what they need to do and you know how they can do it.


Why is this individual still stuck? More importantly, how can you help?

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based approach for connecting with a person, exploring the possibility of change, and enhancing an individual's motivation to define and achieve their own version of "even better yet." 

This person-centered style of communicating addresses ambivalence about a specific behavior change. It is appropriate for use in many settings in which the well-being of the client, patient, or supervisee is prioritized. 

  • Healthcare 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Case management

  • Athletics

  • Education

  • Leadership



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Dr. Elizabeth Jenkins is a clinical psychologist and co-author of two books:


Over the past 15 years, Dr. Jenkins has provided interactive, entertaining, and informative workshops in MI for individuals and organizations in helping professions and leadership settings. Dr. Jenkins utilizes MI extensively in her own psychotherapy practice.

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Dr. Jenkins and her team design and implement comprehensive training programs locally and internationally for organizations seeking to integrate Motivational Interviewing into their systems. Seminars and workshops with follow-up coaching are tailored to meet each organization's specific goals.​

A. MI training

  • Support health behavior change

  • Increase client engagement in case management

  • Inspire your athletes

  • Intervene successfully with substance use disorders 

  • Improve medication adherence and treatment follow-through

  • Facilitate patient-centered care and increase patient satisfaction


B. MI-Lead training (MI for leadership training)


  • Enhance employee engagement

  • Manage difficult conversations

  • Decrease employee attrition
  • Maximize staff collaboration
  • Support change management
  • Prevent burnout

Contact us now for more information about designing a workshop for you and your team: or (813) 494-9526

Participant Feedback

Margaret after a virtual training entitled, "A Taste of Motivational Interviewing in the Helping Professions"

July 2021

“I attended the motivational session tonight. That was the best I have ever attended before...Elizabeth, kudos. You are a role model for sure. I would love to hear and learn more from you.”



I. MI and Leadership

Leading effectively can be challenging. Dr. Jenkins is a co-author of two books that examine the technical and relational aspects of MI in effective leadership. Concrete strategies are provided to maximize employee motivation, sense of ownership for the product, and creativity.



II. MI and Parenting

Have you ever asked your child to do something important, but after sharing your brilliant, clear reasoning, you realized that your child didn’t listen to a word of it? Most of us want a positive relationship with our kids AND we want them to tune in so they can be responsible, safe, and independent. We really can have both.

Happy parents, happy children. You don't have to choose.



Video Samples:

The Righting Reflex in MI

The Righting Reflex in MI

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